Browser extension


When parent company Verizon acquired Yahoo, MapQuest employees quickly began thinking of all the collaborations that would now be possible. In 2018, Yahoo came to MapQuest for help combating a slew of underhanded browser extensions. Yahoo users had been turning to the search engine to find directions or plan trips. The users would then click on search results and be surprised with an unknown mapping site. Upon visiting one of these sites, the user would be presented with a pop-up informing them they would have to download a browser extension before being given the directions they were promised. This extension would then replace the users selected default search engine with one of it’s own. This was causing frustration for Yahoo’s users and syphoning traffic away from the search engine.


Yahoo wanted to combat this by creating an extension of their own. With each new tab users are presented with search bar powered by Yahoo, as well as mapping and travel planning features provided by MapQuest. Harnessing the vast library of photos available through Flickr allowed us to present users with imagery of breathtaking destinations while inviting them to plan a trip to that very location. The extension was rounded out with quick links to the users most commonly visited sites and links to MapQuest that provide users with timely, location specific route planning information. As of early 2019 the extension is installed by more than 14,000 Chrome users alone and has been well received. 

Designs created during my time at MapQuest.