Row Vigor

iOS app


Row Vigor is a startup delivering fitness content and programing centered around the indoor rowing machine by way of an iOS app written in React Native. When I began working withe a Row Vigor team an initial audit of the app revealed broken features, poor user flows, and issues with UI consistency. These issues all needed to be addressed as new features were added. The Row Vigor team also needed help creating a roadmap to provide to investors, which required prioritization of the work to be done in the immediate future. While certain assumptions and instincts already existed, beginning a dialog with users was absolutely necessary. 


Addressing the notoriously complex issue of physical fitness meant we had our work cut us for us. A survey was sent out to all users on the email list with the intention of better understanding the needs of the Row Vigor users. The survey focused on discovering both what has challenged and helped users, daily routines, and access to equipment.


After gathering insights gained from the survey, the team collectively created a roadmap to prioritize potential new features. This was done by assigning each feature with a user desire score as well as an estimated level of effort score. The feature that emerged in the top position was live classes, followed closely by goal-oriented multi-week programs. 


Wireframes were then created in Sketch. These included solutions for the existing issues as well as the new live classes feature. The wireframes were presented to friends and family with rowing machine experience to help refine details of the UI and UX.


The wireframes were refined and turned into hi-fidelity designs in Sketch. The screens were then linked to InVision to create a clickable prototype.


Then InVision prototype was presented to the same potential users as the wireframes. Working closely with the developer, interactions and flows were refined based on this feedback before these extensive updates went into development.