The ability to save a location has been a feature included in navigation apps for long enough to be expected by users. For MapQuest, this feature has long been referred to as Favorites and been available on both the desktop web-app and native mobile apps. A separate feature for saving groups of locations, routes, or any combination thereof, has existed solely on desktop for many years. This feature is known as My Maps. The inability to access these saved collections on mobile severely crippled the feature. As such, adding it to the mobile apps became the number on user request for many years.

Before bringing My Maps to the mobile apps, we wanted to better understand a users need to save locations, routes, and groups of both. At the same time, this was a project that had been shelved many times in the past, so we knew an absolute MVP had to be defined with iterations and improvments to potentially be added later down the line.


To better understand user needs, we ran surveys using both Google Surveys and Userlytics. Questions focused on when, where, and why users save single locations, and how things changed when saving groups of locations.


Once the surveys were complete, we reviewed the responses and created users stories to better illustrate the most common use cases that surfaced. 


Next, wireframes were created in Sketch for the purpose of creating a clickable prototype and user flow.  


The clickable prototype was created using Overflow. The prototype was then used for hallway testing, refinements based on developer input, and as a reference once development began. 


After final revisions of the wireframes and the user flow, high fidelity UI designs were completed and the clickable prototype was updated. Special attention was paid to ensure consistency with pre-existing UI of Favorites, given the close relation with My Maps.

Designs created during my time at MapQuest.